Salt Infusion Kit

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Infused Soaking Salts provide your body with unquestionable relaxation and revitalization, which is something we all could use a little more of. We created 5 unique salt infusion blends that should cover pretty much anything. We combine a variety of salts, botanicals, essential oils, and oils and infuse them together at a low temperature before packaging it for your use.  Each Vial is enough for 1 bath.

Salt Infusion Kit Includes:

(1) Detox Salt Infusion Vial

The Detox salt infusion is a combination of dead sea salt and Hawaiian black lava salt. The activated charcoal in the Hawaiian black salt as well as the herbs and essential oils chosen help to encourage detoxification. Get ready to release.

(1) Energize Salt Infusion Vial 

The Energize salt infusion is intended to be used as an energy booster. Most people don't think about taking a bath for an energy boost but that is just what this blend of botanicals and essential oils do. So when you need to add a little extra pep in your step indulge in this citrus and cinnamon salt infusion.

(1) Breath Salt Infusion Vial 

The Breathe salt infusion is especially great for the winter months. It is a great soak to help boost circulation, your immune system and help keep your respiratory system strong. The Essential oils combined with the herbs will really open your lungs up, this is a must have.

(1) Self Love Salt Infusion Vial

The Love Me salt infusion is what you need when you have been feeling down, or you are trying to get more in touch with your sensual side. The Essential oils combined with the herbs will reignite your passion and love for yourself and those you care about. Fill up your love cup.

(1) Relax Salt Infusion Vial

The Relax salt infusion is a combination of dead sea salt, and celtic salts. These salts were harvested off the coast of Spain and France and are known to have a very high mineral content. The Essential oils combined with the herbs will send you to a whole new level of relaxation.

(1) Muslin Bag

How to Use
Take the muslin bag that was given with the salt and fill it with 2-3 tbsp of salt infusion mixture, depending on how potent you would like your bath. Pull the drawstrings and tie, hang the bag on the faucet while you let your bath water run, or simply drop it into your bath water like a tea bag. Soak in your infused bath for 10-15 minutes for best results.



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