Love Me Salt Infusion Soak

  • $44.00


Draw a warm bath and practice some #radicalselfcare with this Love Me Salt Infusion! Whenever you are stressed out, and needing to just pamper yourself and simply unwind retreat to your tub and pour this in. 

The Love Me salt infusion is what you need when you have been feeling down, or you are trying to get more in touch with your sensual side.  The Essential oils combined with the herbs will reignite your passion and love for yourself and those you care about.  Fill up your love cup.

Key Features:

  • Love Me Salt gives you the perfect excuse to make time to pamper yourself.
  • Comforting Ylang Ylang and the Jasmine Sambac Essential Oil complete the scene, creating the most luxurious of fragrant escapes for a date night.
  • Free of harmful chemicals for healthy skincare.

 How to Use

Take the muslin bag that was given with the salt and fill it with 2-3 tbsp of salt infusion mixture, depending on how potent you would like your bath.  Pull the drawstrings and tie them, hang the bag on the faucet while you let your bath water run, or simply drop it into your bath water like a tea bag.


Dead Sea Salt, Red Hawaiian Salt, Pink Celtic Salt, Magnesium oil, Castile soap, Moringa oil, Dried lavender, Dried jasmine flower, Dried chamomile  flowers, Bulgarian Lavender essential oil, Spanish Marjoram essential oil, Ylang Ylang essential oil, Copaiba essential oil, Roman Chamomile essential oil, Rue essential oil.