Travel Essentials Kit

  • $65.00

The travel kit is our gift to you. In this kit we have included mini items of all of our products. It also has a special edition body butter scent Peppermint Swirl, to get you into the holiday spirit. We even included Silver Water at 40 ppm which is excellent to have for sanitizing and disinfecting (cuts, bites, infections etc.). Our Majyk Oil can be used for healing just about anything on the skin, helps moisturize hair, great protection from free radical damage. All these items will come in a limited edition Cosmetic Bag that will keep your travel essentials all in one place.

What's Included:
(1) 2 oz African Honey Face wash
(1) 2 oz African Honey Shower Gel
(1) Travel Deodorant
(1) 1 oz Silver Water 40 PPM
(1) 2 oz Majyk Oil
(1) Peppermint Swirl Body Butter
(1) Cinnamon Color Cosmetic Bag (while supplies last)

Body Butter
The Butter is best for—everyday moisturizing, pregnant ladies, little ones, soothing skin, minimizing stretch marks, locking in moisture, and for men who want to glow too. It can also be used as a leave-in conditioner/ detangler for curlier hair types.

African  Honey Soaps
African black soap is a type of natural, handmade soap that's recommended for most skin types. It's deeply moisturizing, extremely anti-bacterial, and can be used on your face, body, and hair.

Our signature deodorant Tea Tree & Clary Sage, was made to nourish and cleanse your lymph system not pollute it. Our Aluminum-free, bacteria fighting, hormone balancing formula will keep you fresh on your worst days.

Majyk Oil
Our Majyk oil is an infusion between 14 Organic Oils, 3 Organic Essential Oils, and 3 Organic Dried Herbs. This oil was created to be an oil you can use just about anything that you may need assistance with when it comes to your hair skin and nails. The Anti- Inflammatory and Anti-Bacterial content of this oil is a key reason for its success. Also the use of light, heavy, and medium oils creates a light enough consistency where it doesn't leave you greasy but make the effects long lasting.